Friday, December 19, 2008

This is an impromptu creation to display our test YouTube video. Yesterday, we got our new Flip Ultra 30 minute digital camcorder. Today, we took it from the box, did the quick start guide, and then a four minute video of our cabin. It's a bit rough, but shows immense possibilities. We are excited by the idea of allowing folks to remotely tour our place and view learning modules at their own pace.

EntropyPawsed is our nature linked low energy living demonstration site. It is not THE way to sustainability; it is a product of our ideas and our learning. The important things for all of us to avoid are things we know that will not work, e.g. containing some kind of environmental toxin. Why do we accept such things? The notion that anything can be contained is really a violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics. The entropy law in particular drives many crazy. Scientists have invented something they call Maxwell's Demon to explore various mental experiments in hopes of finding an entropy work around. Many progressives are caught up in some Tesslan fantasy of extracting energy from the ethers. Those are the kinds of things that do not work. Thermophilic composting of human waste turns a possible source of pathogens into a valuable resource for replenishing tired, abused soils. This is an important skill to have when infrastructure fails and we can no longer flush the toilet.

We intend to post a series of videos here over the next few months that cover the basis of survival. Later we will exlore our connections with the natural world. Hope you'll check back and share your thoughts and experiences.

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