Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making Swedish Potato Sausage

Our friends Cyla and Eric invited us over to help make Swedish Potato Sausage. Of all the people they know in our area, they thought we would be most likely to enjoy and appreciate the process:) We arrived at 2:40 PM and finished after 11 PM. The ginding and especially stuffing part of the sausage making process at the time seemed interminable.

One of our very pleasant surprises five plus years ago when we moved from southeastern Ohio to southeastern West Virginia has been the people. "Come heres" and locals alike have all been hospitable and open. Humans are social beings. For virtually all of human existance, we have lived in groups of 50 to 500. Except for the recent brief experiments with civilization, most humans would have known virtually all other humans around them during entire life spans. The arrival of a stranger would have been a rare event. We feel blessed to live in an area where most everyone seems to understand humans' basic need for community!

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