Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter 2010 Update

Snowing in the Yew Mountains of West Virginia, and starting to look a bit like the Rockies instead of Appalachians.

Bonnie's daughter Janice is getting married in June. Bonnie has been doing a lot of quilting this past year. Frank has been trying to learn to play guitar for the past couple of years. We are filling our days now with activities other than EntropyPawsed education.

Upon introspection, I believe that a large part of my motivation for the EntropyPawsed project is grounded in vanity; wanting to feel important. Bonnie and I still live the same lifestyle we have been evolving toward over the past fifteen years. However, for the time being anyway, we have decided to abandon the educational aspect. Instead, we are spending increasing amounts of time getting involved in our local community and merely living our lives.

We have taken the decision to drop our website, http://entropypawsed.org. We plan to maintain the blog, and who knows? Maybe we will post here from time to time. Anyone interested in learning more about ecological living, or whatever your choose to call the craziness we have embraced, please feel free to contact us if you have questions or desire further information. Best wishes, Frank & Bonnie

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